The day of the apocalypse

Looking at our apartment, you would think we have had one hell of a party.... actually we're just cleaning and packing and preparing to move to Stockholm in a few days.

How come it always looks much worse when you're in the middle of cleaning compared to how it was before? My conclusion is that cleaning is bad. Don't do it!

Is this now a running blog?

 Maybe it is! My last post around two months ago was about running and ducks, and now I'll be writing about... running!

There are a lot of other things that have been going on though besides running. Primarily thesis-writing, but also a bit of vacation, vector drawing and animation. But more about that in another post!

I wanted to show you a few photos from my running route, as Visby is probably one of the best places to run around in. At least it's a step up from the nice scenery of factories that we got in Denmark!

The harbor that is filled with boats now that it's summer.

Oldest tower in town, it was finished during 13th century.

Pretty nice road for running, with a constant lovely breeze from the ocean.

Welcome to the swedish beach! Together with the lovely
breeze, there's also the nice smell of seaweed.

The ocean plus sunset provides some rather dramatic scenery at times.

Looking back at Visby. See that tiny silo way back? That's the same silo
as in the harbor picture at the top.

I usually run on the inside of the wall on the way back. It's pretty impressive.

Stone goats that can be found everywhere in Visby.
Also inside of the wall and stuff in the background.

This was taken during another day, but I usually pass these houses on the
way home. Also note the roses, it's not called the Island of Roses for nothing!

At least the ducks liked it

I was out running last week when halfway it started pouring down... but it was still warm, so it ended up being a pretty nice run after all!

On the way home I saw these ducks, they seemed to enjoy the highly uneven roads and the smaller lakes they create when it rains.

Which way is the time?

(sign says Halfpasteleven)

Some hip-hop animation

Yesterday I attended a 25-hour animation marathon! I spent 7 hours creating a short hip-hop dance battle thingie, might not be the best animation ever but it was loads of fun to play around with crazy moves.

Without further ado! (I will post a new version later on when the studio responsible for the marathon has had a chance to light and render it!)

Photos from my running route

I'm trying to get myself running! If anyone is interested, this is the route I run. I've kept it up for three weeks so far, holding my thumbs I can keep it up for several more weeks! (or even months...)

The studio

It's taken a long time, but here are some photos of our studio! We're on the top-floor of a building, and well... it's only us here on 600 square meters right now! Lots of room for running around and capturing references for animation. :)

We mainly only use three rooms though. One is for administration, one for programmers and techy people and one is for the artsy people. As you enter the rooms you notice pretty soon which is which. The walls in the artsy room is covered with concept art, storyboards and well... badly photoshopped images of Abba. (yes that's me on the far right)

While the tech room (also room for the music and sound designer) stays true to its origins. Also it's empty because I went around and took these photos at 7pm somewhere. The art people have a loooot to do right now, so there are always people staying until 11pm at least...

Let's continue to the rest of the house! We have a kitchen that's pretty useless at the moment, we don't have any microwave or kitchenware... but we can cook coffee for the addicted ones at least. We also have a meeting room where we do our morning meetings everyday. On Fridays we gather there to have Show and Tell of the work done during the week.

I'll wrap this post up with a photo of the house where we live! We have the top floor here too. I have the room on the opposite side of the house, with a beautiful view over the rest of Copenhagen. Sometimes living far out on a peninsula is not that bad!