The Hydroplane Hangar

We're currently working our asses off in Denmark. It's been very fun so far, especially since I've finally started to animate on dummy characters. Since we don't have the actual models or rigs yet (not even a finished concept!), we're just in general working with how the characters in general could interact with each other. This creates a base that we can use later on in the project.

Scrum has been introduced to the group's workflow. In essence, it's a way to organize tasks and have a good overview of the team's progress. It's also quite a contrast to how we used to work before (chaos).

But enough of that for today, I want to introduce you to the awesome building we are working in! It's part of the Danish Design School, and built inside a hangar. I've tried again and again to capture everything on photo, but it's impossible. So I'm just gonna upload a few different photos, and hope that it makes sense.

This is the "office" space in the morning.
The office as seen from the stairs.
We're basically up on a tower inside the hangar.
The stairs and ground floor!
We're on top of the tower on the right.
If you look to the right there are huge windows.
And very pretty light in the mornings.
The view from our tower office.
Note the smaller tower on the left side.
This be the smaller tower and windows as seen from the stairs.

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