Recap Week 03 - Inga Staden

Week number 3 was located in Ludwigsburg, Germany. We had workshops led by Jörg Ihle and a lecture by Inga Staden, both of which are very skilled and inspiring people.

Inga Staden's lecture is kind of already on the blog, as I used my notes from it and turned it into a presentation. To make things simple I'll just insert it below, so that you don't have to have two separate blog posts open.

The "Development" section are notes from her lecture (use the arrows to move back and forth between the slides, or just drag to move around freely)

First we went through what a Trans-media team should include. It would be very important to have a Trans-media producer who makes sure that everything keeps together. You would also have a Content Director who makes sure that the overall experience of all the products created, is coherent.

As we experienced in the first two weeks, there are a lot of differences between working with animated movies and games. There are different workflows, the team members have different perspectives, and so on. A Trans-media producer and a Content Director would in that case be very important to bridge the gap between different teams and make them work as a whole.

So if you click forward a bit in the presentation, you should come to a frame with the word "Brainstorming". The thought of this type of workflow is that the whole Trans-media team should brainstorm together to form a common storyworld.

Then the teams split up into their format teams (my examples in the presentation are games and movies) to individually produce assets for the product. After a while the teams re-unite to evaluate and optimize their efforts. And then we go back to the beginning with brainstorming!

This was our lecture with Inga Staden. I'd never considered the importance of having a Trans-media producer for example, or that you can split up into different teams and then reunite, so I found this to be very interesting.

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