The Journey so far

I'd like to take a moment to recap the journey so far. I know a lot of people have been confused about where I've actually been travelling, and where I'm going, so this is the moment to catch up!

January 8th

Me and three classmates left the safety of our little island, and ventured to the amazing Budapest! Here we got to have a lot of various lectures and also get to know each other. It turned out the a large part of the group were from Sweden (and thus we invented the "Swedish Panel" who disapproves if you speak swedish...)

We also created a game in a week. This was both a huge success and a huge failure... a lot of problem arose, and we were able to discuss them in detail and how to avoid creating the same situation in the future. I think that project will help us a lot in the near future, when we start to work on the main project. However we never got a finished game, so we failed in that sense. Still we learned a lot!

January 22nd

Two weeks later we had booked a mini bus to take the whole group to Ludwigsburg. It was a 10 hour ride packed with bags and people, but we were happy when we finally arrived in Germany.

There we enjoyed a week of workshops with Jörg Ihle at the Filmakademie. We focused mostly on the creation of storyworlds (the universe which will spawn into different products). We did this in various ways, one day we would be completely free to do whatever we wanted. The next day we would work from an image in small groups, and then let another group create products from our idea.

January 28th

This day marked the return to Sweden and Visby. We made an epic 18-hour journey with a train, two flights, two busses and finally a ferry. And when we finally reached home, we were very tempted to go back to Germany straight away... they didn't have loads of snow and -12 Celsius. Brrrrrr.

It's still pretty though. This is just outside the school!

I have mostly spent this time reflecting on what I've learned so far, and whether I have it in me to continue (as it is very stressful to travel around and spend all day long working). I actually had to visit the dentist because of the stress, I'd been grinding my teeth so much in my sleep I could barely eat anything, haha....

I also baked. A lot. Enjoy these samples!

February 8th

The journey to come... instead of going to Cologne, we're going straight to Copenhagen where we will spend the rest these 6 months. We've gotten to see some images of the work spaces, and it looks amaaaaazing... there will be a lot of photos once I get there.

We're staying there for two weeks until the next study break at home. Those two weeks are planned to be spent on learning pipelines and working on a benchmark (basically, creating stuff that will show how we want the finished product to look). I'm hoping it's gonna be a lot of fun!

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