Recap Week 09

We spent this week finishing up discussion on the storyworld, and went on to start discussing the teaser that we are gonna produce these last two and a half months.

The storyworld doesn't have much to do with story itself. The storyworld contains all the parts that allows a story to exist. The story is basically just a series of events based on that world.

So, the storyworld that we have been developing includes the main characters, their biographies, the relationships between them, the social structure of the world, culture and history. Now we just have to throw in some kind of conflict into this storyworld that affects the main characters, and we have a story.

This gives us as writers an incredible power of the stories that we create. We could choose to make a feature film movie, a game, a blog, etc. Since we already have the brickstones to play with, we just need to order them in an interesting way and adjust them to the media of our choice.

For this project we are creating a teaser. A teaser is, just as it's called, teasing your interest for something bigger to come. It's like a trailer but shorter, often only 60 seconds long.

In the teaser we will show a few of the characters and a very limited amount of the storyworld. We aim to show as much as possible in how the characters look and behave, but a 60 second long teaser is really not the place to delve deep into the inner workings of your universe... our focus is catching the audience, and wanting them to see MORE.

As we are also creating a game, we will incorporate the storyworld into that. The game will also have a story that is pretty closely bound with the teaser. They will both show the same main characters and storyworld, but they will focus on different aspects of it. You might get to know one character in the teaser, and get to follow the journey of another in the game.

The goal is to create an experience where the teaser and game works on their own, but together you'll learn much more about the storyworld.

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