Young ambitions

I've always had one great passion - storytelling. I've done this in several different forms and variations, as a kid I used to do a bit of theatre and dancing. Something that's stuck with me for a very long time is music, I started playing piano with sheet music around 6, and then classical upright bass at 8.

My favorite pieces to play have always been those that seem to tell a story. You might wonder what storytelling has to do with music, but listen to The Girl with Flaxen Hair by Debussy and you might understand... he doesn't necessarily tell you who the characters are or what the story is, but if you close your eyes and let imagination run wild it's pretty easy to come up with something or relive old memories.

Another piece that I love is this piece by Shostakovich. It's played with two pianos, but they play so differently that you could almost envision each piano as a character with a distinct personality. In the beginning they seem to be discussing with each other, almost agreeing until... well, what do you think is happening?
(for those of you with Spotify, I really recommend this version of it)

High ambitions at 3 years old!

But I didn't really start until 6 years old.

I've also always been interested in the more classical versions of storytelling. I read a lot of comics and books as a child, and once I was introduced to Sailor Moon I became almost obsessed with creating my own stories about girly superheroes. I also managed to create a decent amount of comics based on the Spyro game series...

Eventually I moved on from Sailor Moon and got very enthusiastic about the manga world. I got in touch with people drawing comics like me, and made quite a lot of silly comics...

But at the end of high school I got an advertisement from another university in Sweden offering programs on animation... I realized then that animation encompasses everything I had done and loved so far. And so I went from doing comics and music to doing animation full-time!

3 year old me in the middle of telling a story to the bear.

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  1. Vilka fina kort du har scannat in. Fina minnen att ha i framtiden
    kram Mamma