Visby before the tourist season

Visby is quite different in the early spring, compared how it is during the summer.
The harbor that is now completely empty will be full with boats and people eating
ice-cream and enjoying the sun. But if you don't want to share Visby with a
bazillion tourists, March/April or September is a perfect time to come visit.
Hope you enjoy this little photo journey!

This is a nightclub that's open during the day (Kallis). During July hundreds of
people will be here dancing (and the poor students studying summer courses get to
hear people partying all day long haha... makes you wish you were partying too)
It's only open during the summer though.

The "Beach". Well, it's Sweden after all, you have to expect rocks and mud!
Just waiting for the trees to start blooming and this place will be really nice.

The Almedalen Park (Almedalsparken). I love the silhouettes of the old houses
and church ruins!

While there aren't many people around, there's plenty of birds...
They seem to be having a party. :)

This is the major square in town, with the biggest ruin of Visby in the background
(S:t Karin Ruins). This is how it looks as soon as the tourists leave for the summer,
and they always clean it up just in time for the tourist season to begin...
At least this time they're making the square look really nice with completely
new flooring and design!

This alley houses two of the city's nightclubs - The Monk Cellar (the the left)
and the Gute Cellar (the white house to the right).
At the end of the alley is a game studio my old teachers started up!

Finishing off with this photo - the main street for pedestrians to get up and
down the hill. It's eerily quiet now, but in a couple of months...
I can't wait to come back to Visby!!

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