Köztigon Studio

The studio that has kindly lent us some working space is normally used by the architect László Rajk. We have had a few very interesting lectures with him about planned cities vs organically grown cities. He also owns one of the fluffiest dogs I've ever met!

The studio itself is very fresh and spacious. We try to meet up at 9 everyday to eat breakfast together (the hotel breakfast is actually worse than the one you get at a supermarket...). The first half of the week we sat around two tables like this:

While that was very cosy we quickly got in dire need of more space. Some shuffling of tables later we now have a lot more space and desks for everyone. The photo below is taken from the room to the left (in the above photo), and the "office" now covers three rooms!

Speaking of contrasts in Budapest, this house is what you see when you step out from the studio. There is something very telling with how the clean and nice-looking the first floor is, and how the second floor is riddled with bullet holes and history.

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