Obligatory post about Eucroma

Hello! Welcome to my blog about Eucroma. It hasn't been much about Eucroma so far, but we'll change that right now!!

So, what the hell is Eucroma? You can find some information over here, but I'll try to write a summary that's easier to understand and more in context of what I've learned while being here.

Basically, with every product released for entertainment (movies, games, comics, books) there exists some kind of universe. This universe is what allows us to take a book and remake it into a movie, and we will still recognize the story and characters. In the same sense, it's what allows us to make a movie into a game, and so on. As long as the essential things in the universe are used for the new product, we will recognize it and make a connection.

For example... The universe of Mario or... The Lord of the Rings.

Eucroma was put together with the intent of creating a joint universe, and based on that create a game and some kind of movie. The actors behind Eucroma are a couple of Universities around Europe (which is why we're visiting a couple of different cities, that's where the different Universities are located).

All in all we're slowly nearing 20 students from around northern Europe. Most of us are from Sweden, but we also have a few from Denmark, Holland and Bulgaria. We're divided into two teams with different focus (games and movies), with a few people that will deliver stuff to both teams (such as music and sound effects). Yours truly is focusing on producing 3d animation for the movie.

It's a very interesting process, because the two teams have to work very closely together. Right now the concept people (the ones who come up with the initial ideas) is in another room discussing wildly about how the universe could be like.

The goal by the end of these 6 months is to have a small piece of a game and a movie. Anyone who has ever worked in this industry knows how much work it can be, and our focus is on creating something that will be as finished as possible. So, it's gonna be 30 seconds of animated movie instead of 30 minutes. But there's nothing stopping us from creating a full movie later on!

One of the questions that we will try to answer with this project is more or less: Could it be possible to create better products through focusing on the creation of the universe (rather than game mechanics or story)

I hope that this whole eucroma things will be a lot clearer now. Every monday I'll post a recap of the week that's been for a course at the University. So even if it's still confusing you'll get a lot more insight and understanding of what I'm actually doing. But for now, good night!

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