Summary of Budapest

Second attempt at summarising Budapest... it's a city of history, and there are so many impressions to take in while being there. I really recommend visiting it (don't forget to visit both sides of the river, basically completely different cities!), but do spend some money on getting a decent hotel... ours literally stank of crap. Anyway, here goes!

As a swede, the language is impossible to understand. For example 'thank you' is 'köszönöm'. It also sounds a lot like Finnish.

We found this sign on a pizzeria close to the hotel we stayed at. We discussed the different possible meanings of it, but I think we decided on 'We do not serve sushi!!!'. Since it's a pizzeria and all.

One of the treasures of Budapest. Sandwiches in every size and form! You could order 10 smaller ones in a box to bring with you, and they would have everything! Salmon, egg, tuna, salami, roast beef, cheese, brie cheese, ham, clam...

Since everything in Hungary is really cheap as well, these were only 3 swedish crowns per sandwich. I miss them already.
This sign belonged to our favorite pizzeria. They actually had awesome service and tasty food, and they also introduced me to the awesome concept of having sour cream on your pizzas instead of tomato sauce.

Unless you apply the sign to our hotel of course... besides stinking of crap they liked to turn every room into a sauna. They would go in during the day and turn the heaters up to max and close the windows. Don't ask me. Onwards!

The meals were gigantiiiic!

(depending on what you ordered of course... Victor always managed to get the humongous meals)
Quite often you will see these random holes in Budapest. I don't know the history behind them, but it seems like the old building has been torn down and then not been replaced by a new building. One hole had been turned into a parking lot, but many of them are just empty like this.

It's kind of odd when you walk by these at night, as there are no lights at all in them, just a big black... hole.

And finally, speaking of contrasts in Budapest. Here are two more examples of how different styles neighbouring houses will have.

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