Speaking with Geza M. Toth

As I can't get photos from my phone at the moment, I can't upload any photos from Ludwigsburg... but I'll make up for that with a few more from Budapest!

We got to meet Geza M. Toth while in Hungary. He's an incredibly skilled movie director - among many other things he has directed the Oscar-nominated short movie 'Maestro':

A few of us from the Eucroma group went to his studio to discuss animation and movie-making in general. We got to hear a lot of stories of how it was to work with animation in Hungary, and also how you renew yourself as an artist. It was a really inspiring meeting!

One of the things I will take with me from that meeting is how he described himself. He said he was like a tailor. A tailor's job is basically to take the request of the client and make an original and creative suit that would still fit the client perfectly. I'd like to think of myself like that as well.

Less talking, more photos!

A few prizes he won over the years. Some are very... original.

Lunchtime! Geza M. Toth is the one in the middle.

Obligatory coffee in the children's section of a café.

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